About us

BCH is a renowned player in the chemicals raw materials industry since 1992. From anticipating market needs, sourcing the right chemical raw materials to taking care of the necessary registration for import (REACh,TSCA etc) we have evolved from being a traditional wholesaler to a one stop solution to all chemical raw materials and customized specialties needs. With the help of our trusted suppliers spread globally, we have been able to partner with and service companies in a range of industries varying from paints and coatings, photoinitiators and UV raw materials to light-stabilizers, plastic additives, cosmetics and pharmaceutical.

Based in Brühl, Germany and with a subsidiary in USA, we are ISO and AEO certified and besides having inhouse warehousing facilities, we work with a range of logistic solution providers to ensure a seamless customer experience.

Our Journey

1992 Founded by Udo & Hildegard Kiehnel
2008 Construction of Company HQ in Brühl, Germany
2017 Second Subsidiary started in USA
2014 to Present Company succession through Michael & Agnija Kiehnel